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If you live in an older home, it’s very likely you have galvanized steel pipes. It’s also likely you’re constantly having plumbing problems because of those old pipes. You’re probably spending a lot of money on repairs and not sure what your best course of action should be. Inland Pro Plumbing can save you money and improve your plumbing. Our plumbers are experts with whole house repiping in Victorville, CA.

We’ll make sure you have plumbing that lasts and frees you from the worries and expense your old plumbing has caused. Find out more about us, get a quote, or schedule a service appointment by calling 760-951-1721.

The Benefits of Whole House Repiping

Most homes built before the 1960s have galvanized steel piping. If you’re living in an older home, those pipes could be rusted and corroded, and you’re probably having to repair leaks or have other problems. You may have issues with rusty water or even contaminated water. If you’re looking for solutions to these problems in Victorville, CA, whole house repiping might be the right thing for you. As experienced plumbing professionals, Inland Pro Plumbing can inspect your current lines to see if a repipe is the right option for you.

With most repiping jobs, we install PEX piping, a flexible, durable, and high-density line. The flexibility of this piping makes it easy to install and because of that, we can quickly retrofit an older house. The ease of installation also makes PEX piping very cost-effective. With a whole home repiping you’ll never have to worry about rust or corrosion or have problems with low water pressure. These pipes are also less likely to burst than other types of plumbing pipes. Moreover, when you have Inland Pro Plumbing installing your new pipes, you can always count on us for exceptional service.

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Are you having costly problems with the galvanized pipes in your Victorville, CA home? Whole house repiping might be the solution for you. Let the experienced team at Inland Pro Plumbing help you repipe your home. We offer a full range of plumbing solutions. Find out more, get a quote, or book a service by calling 760-951-1721.